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Architecture and 3D Printing

So you must be thinking....what does architecture have to do with 3D printing. Well, 3D printing and architecture go hand in hand. How? you ask. Let's find out!

The first reason is that architects can use a 3D printer to create models of their buildings and bring their designs to life (in a tinier way). It can also bring more business for architects. Well, if there are two architects fighting for a job with a certain client, they need to prove that there the one for the job. If one architect has a 3D printer then they can show the client how they can create a model of the building or bridge. This also can show how dedicated the architect is.

Another reason is that architects can start 3D printing not only buildings, but perhaps whole urban sections, which can lead to 3D printing cities! This will be big twist and change in the economy!

The third reason goes back to the first. 3D printing models of buildings can help people visualize the building more and could possibly make it safer!

The last reason is that 3D printing models and buildings can be more cost effective and can save time. In a previous post we talked about the pros of 3D printing buildings and how it is cost and time efficient. Same with printing models. If a client changes their mind on a building, an architect can easily tweak their design and reprint. This saves a lot of time and possibly a lot more money.

Now you see how architecture and 3D printing go together like peanut butter and jelly. What will 3D Printing support and innovate next?

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