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Equip. Enable. Empower.


We are dedicated to equipping children with functional 3D printed prosthetics, enabling them to live a life without limitations, and empowering them to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to offer 3D printed, robust prosthetics at an affordable cost. While prosthetic limbs typically set families back thousands of dollars, Limitless Limb founder, Mahsa Riar, created a functional limb for just a fraction of the cost.

"Her project helps children who were born without limbs cope with the high cost of prosthetic limbs and requirement to replace them as their body grows."


"Now, she's designing and printing prosthetic limbs for children in need as founder and CEO of her company, Limitless Limb."

- Rebecca Burnett, WDVM News

3dprinter mahsa WUSA.jpg
prosthetic hand WUSA.jpg
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Mahsa Riar, 12, of Loudoun County, recently founded a business named 'Limitless Limb'. It is her goal to print prosthetic arms and hands for kids who can't afford more expensive options.

-John Henry, WUSA9

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