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How 3D Printers will become normal to us in the future

Right now 3D printers seem like something out of a fantasy world. They seem like they could never happen, but they have. And soon 3D Printers will be part of our everyday household. When you print something off a 2D printer, better known as your everyday printer, you do not really think about when 2D Printers came out how mythical they seemed. You don't sit by the printer waiting for it to print and watching its every move. You just go on with your everyday life knowing that it will print in a few seconds.With 3D printers, many first time users can't stop staring or thinking about the printer. 3D Printers are not at their prime time of making since they came out several years ago. But 2D printers were not the best choice either a while back. When I think about the future, I predict that 3D Printers are going to be like the 2D Printers of today, just boring and normal, nothing exciting. And from the rise of this 4D printers will emerge. I'm not exactly sure, because no one can predict the future..yet, 3D printers might go out of business and no one will bother with bringing them back.

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