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One Step Closer

If you think 3D Printers can only print objects and decor well let's say you're kinda behind. 3D Printers are one step closer to printing almost everything. Global companies are now Printing 3D....Buildings! A Chinese company is on the roll and have already sold more than 100 houses to date! They have also printed 10 houses in 24 hours!

If you are wondering how this works I'm about to explain. A 3D Printer starts to print pieces one by one of the building. The buildings are made of cement, sand and fiber. This is a strong mixture and will hold. They then will assemble all parts of the building on site and Tada! That's all it takes to create a 3D Printed building!

3D printed buildings also mean zero waste! This means that it is environmental friendly. What is more impressive is that is the impact on delivery time: construction of a two-story 1,100 sqm mansion took one day of printing, two days of assembly, with internal bar structures erected in advance, requiring three workmen only! So add the building industry to your list of industries influenced by 3D Printing technology!

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